Now that you are driving around Tenerife and the fun is in full speed it’s time to take a look at some driving suggestions that might save you a great deal of gas, aggravation, and pain. Too many of us do not think about these issues and reserve it for winter conditions back home as being more hazardous. But each season features its own distinct set of difficulties that require attention.

Tenerife Driving Tips:

1) Improve your gas mileage:

In order to get the very best gas mileage for your cars and truck – empty it! Yup it’s incredible the number of people with lug around a trunk full of golf equipment, travel luggage, left over assortedr gear, kid’s toys and bikes when they don’t even need them. By clearing your automobile of all unnecessary equipment you can greatly improve your fuel economy by 1-2%.

Utilize the correct grade of gas. Buying a premium grade of gas when your automobile does not call for it is nothing more than a waste of money. Not sure what grade to buy? Examine online or with a trusted mechanic and they’ll steer you in the ideal instructions. Your user manual will also tell you.

While we at Revs Motors Tenerife do not condone speeding and we understand how difficult it is not to go blasting down the open highway; you lose a lot of your fuel economy as you push your car well over the speed limit. And speaking of travelling, use cruise control when possible as it adapts to the road conditions much better than most drivers can and helps keep an even speed which can reduce fuel consumption.

Finally inspect those tyres! Effectively inflated tyres can save a driver between 1-3% in fuel usage. It is among the easiest and most overlooked fuel savings tip.

2) Check your route!

Attempt finding alternate routes and or adjusting your travel times if there’s roadway work being done. Plus looking at the back of the very same automobile going 10 Kph for over an 30 minutes is not fun with a car or SUV complete of anxious kids!

3) Keep an eye out for teen drivers

Recognize more teenagers are on the roadway throughout the summertime with school being out. Traditionally this is one of the most hazardous groups on the roadway; and now with cell phones, the appeal of continuous talking/texting with their good friends is greater than ever. And do not even think of texting and driving yourself. The fines are huge in Spain. Studies have constantly revealed a motorist that’s texting is as impaired as an drunk driver when it concerns reaction times.

4) Get an early start.

If you can leave early prior to the morning rush hour begins.

5) Do not even think of drinking!

Finally the most essential driving tip is as always – do not ever consume and drive. I understand the message has been beaten into us and appropriately so; but throughout the holiday season filled with picnics, family events, and significant weekend driving holidays it’s a safety suggestion that too many people still forgot. Make sure you have a designated driver or take a taxi.

With so many drivers from different countries interperting Spanish driving rules, it is critical
you remain focused on driving and not become distracted by others in the auto.

All the best, whether you are on vacation or live here, follow good safe practices and arrive alive!


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