Tyres create an integral part of the vehicle and the sort of tyres advised along with the allowed wear and tread depths are there for the safety and security of the motorist, travellers and other road users.

Most people will replace worn tyres with new instead of second-hand, which can be as poor or worse than those being changed in some instances! There is pressure on the Spanish Federal government to prohibit the sale of used tyres because of fears of safety from highway safety experts.

Tyres are routinely inspected at each ITV for sizing and tread tyre depth, however, the authorities might additionally inspect your tyres if they stop you for another reason and your tyres are not in compliance with the existing tread depth measurement of 1,6 millimetres across the central part of the tyre. If your tyres are much more worn than this then you can be fined 200 euros per tyre! This can be an extremely costly result if you thought you were saving cash when buying used tyres.

Tyres naturally should be of the correct size as well as fit for the car and also information about any alternatives (if any exist) to those currently fitted to your automobile can be located on your Ficha Tecnica. It is likewise crucial to make certain that the tire stress is appropriate in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines. Often you will locate a sticker on the automobiles door or owner’s manual which will reveal the advised tire pressures or you can always ask your mechanic or look them up online.

Although the minimum tread depth permitted by legislation is 1,6 millimetres, the majority of manufacturers suggest changing when the tyres are put on down to 3 millimeters. This makes sure that the cars and truck stay risk-free as well as being is able to stop in the called for time and distance. Different weather conditions will impact the stopping time and distance etc. i.e. in damp or wet weather, it would take a car and truck with a tread of 1.6 millimeters an additional 8 metres to stop when traveling at a speed of 70 km/h than if the depth was 3 millimeters.

Frequently simply by looking at your tyres you will be able to determine badly worn tyres as there would be much slimmer grooves on the tyre, these are known as major grooves. The weight of the automobile as well as the variety of guests and products i.e. buying, furnishings and so on being brought will likewise affect how quickly one can stop in the event of an upcoming highway emergency. It is very important then to always leave what is generally called a safety margin from the automobiles around you based upon different traveling conditions. Blinding sunlight or a reflection sometimes can affect your vision, as well as other situations like this, have to be taken into account when driving.

When considering purchasing tyres, recognize their date of manufacture which will show on the tire, for example 5215 means that the tyres were made in week 52 of the year 2015 so although they are new, and being offered as such, they may be rather old with possible hidden deterioration to the rubber components.

Most trusted garages, as well as tyre companies, will make certain they provide the very best for their customers, however, if purchasing previously owned tyres, the above info may be critical to the safety of you and those around you.

Ask to see as well as evaluate any purchase of second-hand tyres to make certain the depths are within the legal limitations as well as are not as well old.

If you have any questions, ask Keith or one of the mechanics at Revs Motors in Tenerife and they will be delighted to answer any questions and provide you with the safest option and the best price.


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  • Anna Collins
    May 27, 2022, 1:57 am REPLY

    I recently discovered that my tires were damaged, so I wanted to get them replaced soon to avoid accidents happening on the road. it’s good that you mentioned how it would be best to recognize the manufacturing date of the used tires first before purchasing them and check whether they have any hidden deterioration. I’ll be sure to keep your advice in mind while I look for used tires for sale.


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